When I first created this website, I was inspired by the idea of finding peace on a windy day.  At the time, that meant that even when storms rage, you can find a place of calm and sanctuary within yourself, and use that to return to balance and joy.  Although that is all still true, lately I find that wind means so much more.

Wind is change.  It is transformation, inspiration, movement, magic.  It is what allows us to be lifted into the air, to soar the heights, to hear music and our loved ones’ laughter.  It is power.  It allows us to sweep away the past, and make room for the future.

And so “finding peace on a windy day” has taken on a different meaning for me.  The peace found on a windy day does not deny or ignore the wind, but rather it embraces it.  It uses the wind and all the powers of creativity and change that it represents.  This is the power of artists–to harness the wind, to use it to create something new, something beautiful, something full of joy.

So when the winds are raging in your own life, you do not need to fear them. Instead, let them inspire you to create something worthy of the artist within. See what you can do with that wind to create your own kind of magic, whether you call yourself an artist, a writer, a parent, a lover, a knitter, a sculpture, a dream-weaver.

We are all artists.  We all have windy days.  The greatest art is in allowing that wind to bring us new beginnings, and the possibility of creating greater peace and joy than we had previously imagined.

Following The Turquoise Path

It was the windiest day I’ve ever seen.  I was driving through Winslow, Arizona with my mother, sister and aunt.  This was not a usual windstorm–the wind was so powerful that the air was thick with dust, trees were bent over and the interstate was shut down.  We were stuck, in a town that seemed to offer nothing but wind.  Businesses were boarded up, gas stations abandoned.  What was once a thriving railway stop was now empty, all but deserted.

We were tired, hungry and thirsty.  The wind buffeted the sides of the car so fiercely that staying where we were did not feel safe.  Yet we did not know where to go.  That was when I saw a sign, an arrow pointing towards “The Turquoise Room.”

Most of the town’s restaurants and shops appeared to be closed; there was no way to know that this one would be any different.  But I have always loved the shades of blue and green, turquoise most of all.  These colors call to me, sing to me.  So I asked my mother, who was driving, to follow the sign.  It led us to a beautiful old hotel, housing a restaurant and bar called the Turquoise Room.  It was a place of beauty within the windstorm.  A place of peace.  We settled in, and were served food and drinks just before the electricity died.  As we enjoyed our meal by candlelight, a friendly waiter told us about another route we could take to Sedona, one through the mountains, out of the wind.

Intuition speaks to each of us differently, in ways unique to who we are and what we love.  In ways that only we can hear.  But when you learn to listen, when you learn to follow, you will find yourself led to exactly where you need to be.

May you find your own turquoise path.  May it lead you to joy.

See What You Want To See

It was windy earlier.  White rose and oleander petals are floating in the pool.  Birds are singing to the day, welcoming the promise of rain.  Behind their song, I hear a voice saying see what you want to see.  If you would find beauty, look for it.  If you would find love, open to it.  There is so much to love in the world–is that why we push it away?  Do we fear there is too much and it will overwhelm us?  It won’t.  Our hearts are great enough, if only we will trust them.

What do I love this morning?  White birds flying low across dark mountains.  A hummingbird flying close enough that I can hear its wings beating.  The half-light of a cloudy day.

It was windy earlier.  It will rain later.  But just now there is nothing but beauty.  The beauty was there before; it will be there later.  All we need do is decide to see it.

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Finding Peace On A Windy Day

The more years I spend on this beautiful blue-green planet, the more I understand that we are all born explorers. We are fascinated by our world, by each other, by ourselves. We long to make sense of the mysteries we see without and within; we long to add our own part to the dance of life. And we all have so much power, to see the world as we wish, to tell the stories we want to tell. To create the world we dream of creating.

But we live in a time of wind storms. Change swirls around us constantly; the more we learn, the less sure we are of our place in the world, the less sure we are of ourselves. We all long for more love, more peace, more beauty. Sometimes it feels very near to us–we feel ourselves loved and loving, whole and safe. At other times, we feel ourselves lost at sea, desperate for comfort, desperate for home. We see these storms in the world around us–war, famine, poverty, economic upheaval–and in our daily lives–anxiety, illness, isolation, depression.

When our lives are going well, it is easier to be aware of joy and happiness. The greater art lies in finding love and beauty even when storms are raging. As an art, it is a practice that must be studied, practiced, cultivated. We all have the ability to create peace, in ourselves and in the world. It begins when we learn to find peace, not only in times of rest, but on a windy day.

I have spent most of my life practicing peacefulness. Those who know me might say that I was born naturally calm and balanced; that by nature I am unruffled by the world around me. I feel otherwise–there have been many times when my equilibrium has been disturbed by something as minor as dry weather or as major as a lost job. But it is true that I have always been someone interested in cultivating peace. In other words, I have practiced, I have studied the ways found by others, and I have sought to learn more about myself and what keeps me grounded. When life sends storms, I seek my center. At times it seems that the stronger the storm, the easier it is to find my way back to myself, because at those moments there is no other choice. It can be the minor disturbances that prove the most challenging, and require the most practice.

When we are calm and in a place of peace, we are at our most effective. Our energy is not fragmented by fear and doubt; we are not so busy juggling a million thoughts, a million emotions, a million tasks that we miss what is right in front of us. We can face adversity with quiet strength, able to know what it is we should do and how we should do it. Our peace, our balance, is a gift not only to ourselves, but to our world.

Our world is crying out for emissaries of peace. But we cannot create without what we have not cultivated within. And to do that, we must continue to practice the ways of peace, to believe in the power of harmony and balance, to value calmness and patience. We must believe that we are capable of becoming the peace we want to see reflected in the world.

The ways of peace are many, but the simplest paths are often the surest. It is my hope that the practices I have learned to be the most reliable will be a guide for you on your own journey towards joy.

May you discover the beauty that lies in harmony.

May you find peace on a windy day.


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