Scattering Light Interviewed By Serene Wellness

“A Scattering of Light…is truly beautiful and inspiring–just like a beautiful butterfly, the words fly off the page and into your heart…  [I]t will stir your soul and awaken beauty, enchantment and magic within your day.”

Serene Wellness, the Holistic Health and Wellness Project

Claire-Maree Charters, founder of the Serene Wellness Group and the creator of Serene Wellness:  The Holistic Health and Wellness Project, recently interviewed me about my creation of “A Scattering of Light,” what inspires me, how I define serenity and beauty, what brings me joy, how I stay balanced and my philosophy on life, health and well-being.  The article, Find Some Peace and Comfort on a Windy Day, is available here.

Serene Wellness is a beautiful creation, featuring articles designed to inspire others to live healthy and happy lives.  You can find information here about simplicity, minimalism, health and beauty.  Be sure to check out her Modern Zen Girl page and green smoothie recipes!

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