There was once a crack in the mirror of a powerful and beautiful queen.  When she looked into the glass, seeking confirmation of her beauty, she saw instead the image of another:  Snow White.  Because of the crack in the mirror–a crack in her own soul–she did not understand what she saw.  She did not realize that what we see in others is a reflection of ourselves.

We doubt our power when we forget to use it.  We doubt our beauty when we look for it outside of ourselves.  And so the queen believed that her youth and beauty were gone to another, and determined to kill the young Snow White.  But Snow White was the image the queen saw when she looked into the glass–how could she kill Snow White without killing a part of herself?

As for Snow White, the queen’s pursuit sent her on a journey of discovery.  She began as a victim, alone and hunted through a dark forest, and emerged a queen in her own right, sure of her own strength and power.  Two faces in the glass; two journeys of discovery.  Both are two sides of the same coin.  We all have power and beauty within us.  When we see the gifts of others as a part of our own light, our power and beauty grow.  When we see others as separate, as a threat, an enemy to be destroyed, we can only destroy ourselves.

We are surrounded by mirrors, constantly reminded of who we are and what we have within us.  The beauty you see in others is a reflection of the beauty that is within you.  The power you see in others is a reflection of the power that lies within you.  The whole world is your mirror.  Instead of asking who is the fairest of them all, ask instead to understand that the fairest is the one who sees beauty in others as well as in herself.


Stories are our mirrors, truer mirrors than those made of glass.  They show us who we are, and who we hope to be.  They help us to see, to understand, to make sense of our lives and our journeys.  They create connections between us and our worlds.

True stories are the oldest form of alchemy.  When a story weaves and wraps itself around your soul you are forever altered.  The world will never look the same again, will never be the same again.  The stories that haunt you are reflections of yourself.

So how do you sing the song of your life?  Do you choose to tell your story as the ancient bards did, weaving stories that heal, refresh, teach and counsel?  Are you the hero or the victim, the child or the king?

We all create mirrors.  Choose yours wisely, and then do not be afraid to look deeply into the glass.