A Rebel’s Heart

Like many peace-lovers born under the sign of Libra, I’ve never considered myself a rebel.  I dislike conflict and treasure harmony.  This does not mean that I will stand aside or ignore cruelty, but I have never been one to rebel for rebellion’s sake.  Or so I thought.

The longer I write these pages, and the deeper I travel into the landscapes of peace, the more I realize that the paths of love and forgiveness are the most rebellious paths.  The world may give lip-service to these virtues, but most of our families and friends expect something different from us.  We are expected to choose sides–this politician, that sports team, this style of music, that genre of movies.  We trumpet our preferences and put down those who think differently, calling them ignorant, misinformed, lacking in taste or education.  We pick sides, and then battle to support them.

I am not suggesting that we should not campaign or vote for the politicians we believe in; cheer for our favorite teams; enjoy our favorite music and movies.  But what we can do–what it takes a rebel to do–is love the other side.  See the light that exists in them as well as in us.  Forgive where forgiveness is needed.  Educate with love rather than the rhetoric of hate.  Perpetuate kindness and compassion rather than adding more fuel to the fires of the world.

I am a rebel.  I choose love, work for beauty and treasure kindness.  I continue to believe that good exists throughout the world and that seeking it out will help it to grow.  I practice the arts of gentleness and patience with as much fierce devotion as the warriors of old.  It is a battle fought day by day, hour by hour.  It does not bring victory over others, but something far greater–all the joys of heaven and earth, for you and for those you share it with.

Wishing you your own rebellion,


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Of Dragons & Sirens

Peace is not freedom from pain, but transcendence.

Pain can be an invitation, a call to adventure, an opportunity to forgive and to heal.  No one lives free from pain; no one can help but cause pain.  We all must, at times, play the muse to another’s story, whether we intend to or not.  Think of them–the evil stepmothers, the dragons, the sirens.  They are the ones who send the call, who propel the heroes and heroines into the realm of adventure and possibility.  They are the ones who open the door to the bright, messy world we call life.  They are the fire of change.  Why fear playing the part of fire?

Play your part as openly and truthfully as you know how, choose love over fear and be quick to forgive.