Of Gods & Goddesses

What makes a god or goddess divine?  If you believe the old myths and legends, the gods were not above pain, not above sorrow.  They could be hurt, they could even be destroyed.  So what made them divine?  Simply this:  Knowledge of their own divinity, and the ability to transform themselves and others.  Nothing is beyond the reach of a goddess, when she moves from love.

A goddess is present.  Aware.  Open.  Sensitive to the heartbeat, the exquisite touch and texture and taste of the moment.  She accepts it all, welcomes it all, knows that she cannot lose herself in any of it.  She delights in the flow, the movement, the dance.  She is willing to change, to grow, to expand in life, in awareness, in love.  She cannot be found for she was never lost.  She simply is, and therefore is all.  She is in everything and everyone.  To find her within is to find her without, and to know that the two are bound, connected, the same, and eternally now.

We all live as gods and goddesses when we claim our transformative powers.  A mother, turning a child’s tears to smiles with a kiss and a warm cookie.  A boss, turning co-workers into a team.  A hostess, turning an ordinary room into a celebration.  An artist, freeing an image from clay.  A woman, creating a sanctuary out of a house.  Any one of us, smiling at a stranger, spreading light.

Know you are divine.  Know the universe as your Beloved.  Know that you can transform yourself and others.  Move from love, and watch the miracles unfold.


We are to think of ourselves as immortals, dwelling in the Light, encompassed and sustained by spiritual powers. The steady effort to hold this thought will awaken dormant and unrealized powers, which will unveil to us the nearness of the Eternal.

-The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, translated by Charles Johnston

Why do we push away the present?  Why are we impatient and dissatisfied with what is before us?  It is because we think our time is limited.  We think that, as mere mortals, we can never have enough of all that we desire–not enough time, not enough space, not enough love.  So we grab at those things we think we desire, and we push away those we think we don’t want, convinced that if we do not try to control our life’s experiences, our lives will be wasted.

It doesn’t work.  We do not find happiness by chasing it.  We do not avoid pain by hiding from it.  Life is too big, too complex, for the limitations we would place on it.  It will not allow us to push it away.

How would you live, if you knew that you were truly an immortal?  If you felt, with every fibre of your being, that you would always have all the time in the world, and more?  You would stop rushing.  You would stop clinging.  You would allow yourself to love without fear that love would end.

And if you knew that each moment was precious and irreplaceable, even in a universe that was eternal, you would cherish it.  You would embrace it.  You would not try to fix it , judge it, hurry past it.  You would live as one divine–complete in yourself, complete in the world, at peace with all that is and may be.

For just a moment, try to see the world this way.  Try to see yourself as immortal, dwelling in the Light, sustained and encompassed by spiritual powers.  Then try again, and again, and see what happens.