When I first created this website, I was inspired by the idea of finding peace on a windy day.  At the time, that meant that even when storms rage, you can find a place of calm and sanctuary within yourself, and use that to return to balance and joy.  Although that is all still true, lately I find that wind means so much more.

Wind is change.  It is transformation, inspiration, movement, magic.  It is what allows us to be lifted into the air, to soar the heights, to hear music and our loved ones’ laughter.  It is power.  It allows us to sweep away the past, and make room for the future.

And so “finding peace on a windy day” has taken on a different meaning for me.  The peace found on a windy day does not deny or ignore the wind, but rather it embraces it.  It uses the wind and all the powers of creativity and change that it represents.  This is the power of artists–to harness the wind, to use it to create something new, something beautiful, something full of joy.

So when the winds are raging in your own life, you do not need to fear them. Instead, let them inspire you to create something worthy of the artist within. See what you can do with that wind to create your own kind of magic, whether you call yourself an artist, a writer, a parent, a lover, a knitter, a sculpture, a dream-weaver.

We are all artists.  We all have windy days.  The greatest art is in allowing that wind to bring us new beginnings, and the possibility of creating greater peace and joy than we had previously imagined.

Try This: Take a Walk

IMG_1038Want to change your mood? One of the best things you can do is take a walk.  If you can go outside, you have the benefits of nature on top of the benefits of exercise.  If you can’t get outside but have access to a treadmill, try adding in some of your favorite music to lift your spirits.

Of course, walking does much more than lift your mood.  Julia Cameron wrote in Walking in this World that a weekly walk is a useful tool for awakening creativity.  And of course it’s good for your health–simply walking a bit more each day can yield impressive results for your health and waistline.

Need some added motivation?  Check out Jawbone’s Up Band, a wristband that connects to an app that displays how many steps you take each day and how well you’re sleeping at night.  But however you do it and whatever motivates you, a little extra time walking is a wonderful tool for brightening your day.

Dance With Desire

What is it that you desire?  What do you long for?  Do you enjoy your desires, secure in the knowledge that all you could ever want or need will be yours?  Or do you struggle against them, deny them, find in your longings an excuse to suffer and focus on what you lack?

Understand the true nature of your desires:  they show you who you are, and who you want to be.  There is no reason for jealousy or suffering.  Look around you–so often what we want we have already, for love, abundance and beauty come in endless forms.  If not, know that your desires are your guide, leading you toward the future.  Perhaps not the future you expect, perhaps not the exact replica of your visions, but nevertheless a glimpse into what is forming around you.

What we desire most is to feel.  The desired object, experience or person is not so deeply longed for as the feeling of love, safety, peace, adventure or passion.  Feelings are our truest, deepest desires.  Locate the truth of your dream, and the ways to fulfill it will be limitless.  Problems will become possibilities, a chance to use your creativity and vision.

Open your heart to your desires.  Let them teach you who you are and who you may be.  Know that they are yours, waiting for you to claim them.

Playing The Game

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.  ~George Bernard Shaw

The older we get, the more consumed we are by work.  We want to do more, have more, accomplish more.  We think that all these things will make us happy.  Someday.  We think that by doing things that don’t make us happy, by suffering for our duties and obligations, we will earn our happiness.  But, intuitively, we know better.  We know that happiness follows joy, not suffering.

Why this preoccupation with how diligent we are, how focused, how much we suffer for duty?  Why not, instead, pride yourself on how much fun you are having?  Or, better still, on how much fun you can make your work?

When I worked in the corporate world, the days that flowed the best were the ones in which I embraced my job and treated it like a game, rather than resenting and struggling against it.  Dressed in my suit, briefcase in one hand and a coffee in the other, on my way to another oh-so-important meeting…  I was playing at being a lawyer.  Some might say that this isn’t a serious way to approach a career, yet those were the days that I was at my brightest, quickest, most capable and most hard-working.  I was not succumbing to stress and fear.  I embraced the game, and I played it well.  The most successful lawyers I know are the ones who enjoy practicing law, who see the fun in it.  Is that so surprising?  Those who enjoy what they do always do it best.

Is it so different from what we learned as children?  We dressed up and pretended to be teachers, soldiers, hairdressers.  Even the most ordinary and mundane professions seemed glamorous and exciting.  We couldn’t wait for the day when it was real.  Yet when that day came, we started to take our lives seriously, and lost the fun of the game.

What we really desire is to keep playing.  To make the difficult, challenging and boring moments of our lives interesting, exhilarating, an adventure.  And why not?  Why not change your point of view, and embrace the game rather than the fear?  Whatever you do with your day–work in an office, care for children, serve drinks, cook dinner–make it a game.  Use your creativity, your sense of wonder.  Life can be as much fun as you let it be.


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