Tarot Bombshell: Meet the Empress

Looking for a bit more beauty, creativity or abundance in your life? Take a hint from one of the loveliest ladies of tarot, the Empress. This goddess of everything lush and bountiful is the embodiment of divine creativity. She is the eternal earth mother, generous, loving and passionate. She allows nature to unfold as it will, nurturing without smothering. She is the symbol of fertility and sensuality, complete and comfortable in herself even as she gives birth to more love, more delight, more wonder.

Common symbols found in Empress cards include roses and other flowers, flowing water, fruit and lush gardens, all surrounding a beautiful woman, lounging on a divan, a crown of stars on her head. This is the card to focus on if you want to feel complete in yourself or connected to your feminine side, as well as when you want to become pregnant, create a work of art, experience more abundance or simply enjoy the sensual pleasures of life. Her advice in a tarot reading is often about loving freely, creating with passion, nurturing others (or yourself) and generally embracing the beauty of the natural world. Ask yourself: when do I feel abundant? What do I love? What do I want to create in this world? All of these areas are encouraged and promoted by the Empress.


(Empresses clockwise from top left: The Halloween TarotThe Goddess Tarot DeckMorgan Greer Tarot DeckUniversal Waite Pocket EditionVanessa Tarot and Shadowscapes Tarot Deck.)

To bring a bit more Empress energy into your life, try spending time in nature, eating fresh fruit or simply appreciating the beauty around you, wherever you are. Allow yourself to create something new. Enjoy the simple pleasures of delicious food, the wind in your hair and the earth under your feet. Relax into the moment, take a deep breath and let your natural beauty shine. Allow yourself to love others freely, without condition. And don’t forget to give that same love to yourself–a true Empress knows that all love begins with self-love, because we can’t give something we don’t already have. So let your love flow and step into the power and beauty of an Empress!



When I first created this website, I was inspired by the idea of finding peace on a windy day.  At the time, that meant that even when storms rage, you can find a place of calm and sanctuary within yourself, and use that to return to balance and joy.  Although that is all still true, lately I find that wind means so much more.

Wind is change.  It is transformation, inspiration, movement, magic.  It is what allows us to be lifted into the air, to soar the heights, to hear music and our loved ones’ laughter.  It is power.  It allows us to sweep away the past, and make room for the future.

And so “finding peace on a windy day” has taken on a different meaning for me.  The peace found on a windy day does not deny or ignore the wind, but rather it embraces it.  It uses the wind and all the powers of creativity and change that it represents.  This is the power of artists–to harness the wind, to use it to create something new, something beautiful, something full of joy.

So when the winds are raging in your own life, you do not need to fear them. Instead, let them inspire you to create something worthy of the artist within. See what you can do with that wind to create your own kind of magic, whether you call yourself an artist, a writer, a parent, a lover, a knitter, a sculpture, a dream-weaver.

We are all artists.  We all have windy days.  The greatest art is in allowing that wind to bring us new beginnings, and the possibility of creating greater peace and joy than we had previously imagined.

Unexpected Storms

Yesterday I dreamed of rain.  The air was thick with water, turning my desert home into a living memory of ancient oceans.  Clouds were thick on the mountains, covering the rocks and earth in a blanket of gray mist.  The rain was steady, undisturbed by wind, falling in sheets.  The sound of rain and distant thunder permeated everything–indoors it was felt as much as heard.

We learn to cherish rain in the desert, for we can see it for the gift it is.  We welcome its cool kiss, damp on our skin, the air washed clean.  We linger beneath the rain drops, breathing in air that is heavy with moisture.  We find sanctuary within unexpected storms.

But as suddenly as it began, the dream was over.  The clouds began to part and the birds to sing.  The light returned, clearer and brighter than before.  The air was still heavy, but now it sparkled.   The light, at first golden behind gray clouds, softened into tones of pink and purple.

We need rain to clear away the past.  We need storms so that in their aftermath we can see the light that surrounds us.  Within the half-light of these unexpected storms, we can find love where we never before thought to look, as rain falls all around us and even the wind rests.

It was a brief dream.  The hot desert air returned, with only the memory of rainfall left behind.  That is why, when the rain comes, we must open to the pleasures of the moment rather than wish them away.  For this is the reason we are here:  to learn how to accept the beauty that is offered to us, and to learn how to share that beauty with others.