Try This: Take a Walk

IMG_1038Want to change your mood? One of the best things you can do is take a walk.  If you can go outside, you have the benefits of nature on top of the benefits of exercise.  If you can’t get outside but have access to a treadmill, try adding in some of your favorite music to lift your spirits.

Of course, walking does much more than lift your mood.  Julia Cameron wrote in Walking in this World that a weekly walk is a useful tool for awakening creativity.  And of course it’s good for your health–simply walking a bit more each day can yield impressive results for your health and waistline.

Need some added motivation?  Check out Jawbone’s Up Band, a wristband that connects to an app that displays how many steps you take each day and how well you’re sleeping at night.  But however you do it and whatever motivates you, a little extra time walking is a wonderful tool for brightening your day.


Wisdom creeps near when it finds one who is sitting, listening, opening.  It is like a small creature of the forest, frightened away by loud noises, by loud thoughts; drawn only to the beauty that dares to visit alone.  It trusts only those who are still, patient and open, those who will greet vulnerability with love.

Our thoughts are a field of butterflies:  numerous, fragile, impossible to contain.  But some are worth catching.  The ones nearest our own souls will slow down their flight, wait for us to catch up and wrap a net of pen and paper around them.  They will not fly away, not if we sing them our stories.  Not if we promise to listen well.

What song do they sing?

Live now.  Be here now.  Be radiant now.

Can you see that this is Heaven?

All our transformations begin within.  The external world follows the soul, not the other way around.  Some say our world is an illusion; I believe it is a mirror, a reflection offering us the chance to learn, to grow, to explore.  As our souls grow and expand, our worlds grow with them, for we are one.

Be open to change.  Say yes, and give thanks.  Then keep listening to the quiet voice of wisdom that lives within your heart.


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