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Holiday Joy: A Four Week Coaching Program

It’s late November. The days are short, the nights are long, the world is cold. It’s time to light candles, to sip warm drinks by the fire and to come together with loved ones to fight back the chill and warm our hearts. But as beautiful as these images are—warm fires, snowy trees beyond a frosted window pane, chunky knits and warm boots—this can also be a difficult time of year. It’s easy to become over-committed, to lack the time and space needed for rest and self-care. Goals and dreams can be pushed aside as our attention goes towards the parties we’re attending or hosting, shopping for gifts, preparing for family gatherings and other obligations of the season. Many people feel lonely. Some worry about money, or about the weight they’re gaining.

What’s heralded as a magical time of year often feels just the opposite. But the possibility is always there. We can always stop, take a deep breath and reconnect to the magic around us.

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Tarot Reading & Life Coaching

IMG_1378As many of you know, I have recently added tarot reading to my repertoire of coaching practices…  And I must admit, it took me by surprise. It seemed shocking enough that I would move from being a lawyer to a life coach, but tarot cards? That’s another level of crazy all together!

Sometimes when you get in touch with your authentic self, and begin to “follow your bliss,” as Joseph Campbell said, it really doesn’t take you where you think you’re going to go. And yet… usually that means you’re heading somewhere much better.

I’ve adored tarot cards for almost 15 years, as a kind of passionate hobby.  I love the art, the symbolism, the ability they give me to tap into my intuition. Tarot cards were my original life coach. They are simple, gentle, highly effective and, most of all, a lot of fun.

So at a recent life coach seminar, I read tarot cards for 8 of my friends and fellow coaches. From there, I ended up reading tarot cards via email and phone for almost 70 other friends and coaches, all within a 3 week period. It was such a blast, and so highly transformative and even healing for so many people, that I knew this was something I had to do.

Tarot reading isn’t a component of every coaching call, but it can offer creative solutions, new insights and other gifts that enhance and deepen the coaching experience. Interested in learning more? Check out my coaching page and be sure to let me know any questions you have.

Nothing is learned except through joy.

-Ioanna Salajan



Clouds In My Coffee

IMG_0098It’s already December, the final month of 2013.  It’s been a wild ride:  completing the Martha Beck Life Coach Training Program and setting up my practice; traveling to San Diego, Pismo Beach, Lake Tahoe and Napa…  Well, let’s just say that I am very grateful for the shorter, cooler days (even here in the desert) and to turn my focus toward my home and loved ones.

Of course, there’s still plenty to keep me busy–holiday events and shopping, work to do, knitting projects to finish–but during this time of year I find myself a bit more comfortable taking a moment to sit by the fire, drink a cup of tea and enjoy the time I have with my family.  And that means that I can also do something incredibly valuable:  dream.

When I take the time to dream, I get in touch with myself.  I listen to the small still voice inside that reminds me what’s most important, and what I should be focusing on now, in this moment.  I relax.  I play.  I listen.  And I remember to pay attention to my nightly dreams as well, which often hold messages from my soul about the way to go.

I’ll be writing more soon about methods of dream analysis that I find particularly useful and enlightening but, in the meantime, let me just recommend this:  take the time to dream while you’re awake.  Look for those clouds in your coffee, and open your imagination to what you find there.  Not only is dreaming a good way to get in touch with a peaceful, joyful part of yourself, but it just may suggest possibilities you haven’t yet dared to imagine.