May you discover the beauty

that lies in harmony.

May you find peace on a windy day.

We live in a time of windstorms. As change swirls around us, we seek a deeper connection to truth, love and beauty–to all that is best and brightest in us and in the world.  A Scattering of Light: Inspiration for Finding Peace on a Windy Day inspires us to do just that, by using the lessons of myths and legends, the philosophies of cultures and spiritual traditions around the world, and an unfailing vision of the world as a place of hope and beauty. Learn the true messages contained within such popular stories as Beauty and the Beast, Ariadne and the Minotaur, Psyche and Cupid, Sir Gawain, Ganesha and more. Learn to savor the beauty of simple moments, to appreciate the imperfect and to cultivate peace within your relationships. Includes over 2 dozen color photographs, as well as timeless advice for all seekers of beauty and joy. The book may be purchased here.

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