Morning opens a door with help for those who don’t ask for any.


There comes a day when you know you are ready.  When you are tired of playing with the concepts of love, trust and beauty; when you are tired of experimenting with all the different forms of meditation and philosophy.  You know it is time to trust, to give, to shine.  You are tired of waiting for a sudden flash of inspiration and enlightenment.  You are ready to live in joy and peace.  Wherever you are, however you feel, whatever your life looks like, you are ready to see the beauty in it and in yourself.

You have tasted freedom before.  You have felt moments of peace, of connection, of meaning.  You have hoped, dreamed and prayed, and you are ready for more.

Any day can be the day when you decide to be who you really are.  Any day can be the birth of your true self.  At any moment, you can look around and find beauty, feel peace, know love.  Make this moment that moment.  Choose to be free.  As often as you need to; as often as you want to.  Any moment may be the dawn of a new day.  Any moment may signal the start of something new, something wonderful.  At any moment, you can fall into yourself and find what you have been seeking.

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