How To Make Your Life One Long Vacation

Sunrise over Lake Tahoe

The secrets to a good vacation and a happy life are one and the same.  After all, we are born explorers.  We tend to forget this when we aren’t in new places.  But there are always new things to discover, even in our own backyards.

1.  Live as an explorer.  Be open and ready for adventures.  Realize, as you look around your surroundings, that you may never see them quite the same way again.  Learn what you can.  Take notes.  Take pictures.

2.  Expect the unexpected.  Appreciate and savor where you are and what you are doing.  Learn all you can about others and their ways of life.  Adapt to your surroundings.

3.  Take the time to study your maps, but also be willing to get lost.  Plan your day, but don’t be afraid to abandon your itinerary and linger in a sidewalk café.

4.  Suspend judgment.  Recognize that you can’t know everything (good tourists know how to listen and ask questions).  Ask for help when you need it.  Help others when they need it.

5.  Focus on what matters most–exploring, learning, relaxing, having fun, spending time with loved ones.  And always, decide to enjoy yourself!

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