The Only Way Out Is Through

To hold to our center through all the changes brought by tide or time.  To feel at ease in all places, with all people, with all parts of ourselves.  At what price comes such freedom?

There are no maps, and no reason to create one.  Create instead a song to dance to, that will serve as a reminder of light when the way seems dark.  Then weave the wind into starlight.

Every leaf and branch twirls with love for us.  Or is it our love for them, stirring the wind itself to life?  Which came first, and does it matter?  Is there any difference at all?  Love leads itself home, by any path presented to it.

We search for places the wind cannot go, not realizing that such places cannot exist, and that if they did they would be more hollow than graveyards.

The only way out is through.

What adventure will you follow today?  How will you journey?  Will you fall into yourself and let joy have you, or will you strive and strain and try?  Don’t.  Oh, please, don’t.  If you feel that you are alone in a dark room, it is only because you have closed your eyes.  Open them.

In the center of our lives there is a star, the light of love itself, our only true guide and always a gentle, patient one.  It does not rule or command us, but it goes where the way is darkest, the pain is deepest, to heal through the power of gentleness, teaching us to transform our lives and worlds with an open heart.

3 thoughts

  1. Oh, please, don’t. If you feel that you are alone in a dark room, it is only because you have closed your eyes. Open them.
    How? I am opening them, and all I see and feel is that I’m drowning more and more? I know there is a light, but It won’t be here, not now, it’s only for what comes after this life. I can’t wait to see it.


    • Dear nikky44,

      I am so very sorry to hear of your pain. When times are darkest, it is difficult to imagine even the possibility of light. Keep looking, keep hoping–our answers are often different, but when we keep seeking them, we often find what we need. When we stay open to love, miracles happen.

      I will be writing more about suffering later this month–I hope that it will be of some comfort to you.

      With love and every hope for your peace and happiness,



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